Our Services Include:


Sheet Metals

We offer complete flat layout services, we will work with your people to create the best layout for the easiest and cleanest construction possible we use the latest CAD software.

We offer delivery services inside the

San Francisco Bay Area, and we will ship to

any destination.

We also specialize in

-Water Jet Cutting
-Verifying Materials
-Engineering New Products
-Laser Cutting of Various Materials

Laser cutting has established itself in recent years as a cost effective, yet time-efficient technology with many applications.


With extreme precision and high repeatability, you can be sure that Silicon Valley Laser has a clear advantage over other technologies.


3015 LVP

3015 LVP

3015 LVP 3500 Watts 120″ X 60″ with Pallet Changer

5 Axis 3020 HT

5 Axis 3020 HT

5 axis 3020 HT 120″ X 78″ Travel

Flow IFB Water Jet

Flow IFB Water Jet

Flow IFB Water Jet 60,000 psi 144″ X 72″ Travel

3015 LXP

3015 LXP

2000 Watts 120″ X 60″ Table

2512 HD

2512 HD

2512 HD 3000 Watts 96″ X 48″ Travel


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