Established in 2005, SVLaser is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2010 we purchased our building, making Santa Clara our permanent home.


About Rich Langley:

Rich has 30+ years of experience in the Laser Cutting field. He has worked with multiple kinds of laser cutters and has cut a wide range of materials – metals, plastics, rubbers, ceramic, silicon, and composites. Rich has taught classes in laser techniques including cutting, drilling, and welding with various kinds of lasers. In addition he has 25+ years of experience with Waterjet Cutting, having worked with one of the first Waterjets in the bay area in the late 80s.

Rich’s education background is in Engineering with additional classes in:


  • Sheet Metal

  • QC

  • CAD Programming


“I am hands on when it comes to the parts that flow through my shop.” -Rich Langley